Game Day! (and by “game” I mean “festival”)

As you can no doubt tell by the little box to the right, Spring Mysteries Fest is upon us. Well, upon me, and upon you if you’re going, I suppose. If you’re not it’s just Easter.

I’m excited about getting to attend because when I first heard about it, two years ago (I think? Time has no meaning in Morag-verse), I had wanted to go and got an explicit NO from Morrigan and Brighid. The only clarification I got was that I’d make an ass of myself in front of the Hellenic deities and They didn’t want that to happen. This year I got no such taboo, and so planned to go. And a little while ago, I made the decision to start working with the Hellenic deities in earnest, in addition to my work with my Sacred Triad.

Now I see why They originally said no — They knew I needed time to come to the relationships with the Hellenic deities on my own time, and didn’t want me to jump into it at the wrong time.

I’m feeling the fallow time ending now, and I’m hoping that SMF will give me the jumpstart I need spiritually. If nothing else, it’ll be an excuse to frolic with other pagans. Glitter and drums, ahoy!

Coming up:

  • My much-belated B post for the Pagan Blogging Project.
  • PBP: Another F and two Gs.
  • SMF debrief.
  • A post about my mom’s latest awesome gift to me: a Thangka
  • Adorations?

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  1. I was talking about SMF with someone and they were saying that sometimes you don’t get anything out of it until you go again. Like it takes a year for it to sink in. However I’ve also been told it is totally transformational. 🙂 have fun!

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