Mundane Things, 3/12/15

Quick updates.

  • Working on cleaning my kitchen, mostly because the smoke alarm UPSTAIRS is going off when I cook. Which has pissed off our landlords and caused me several anxiety attacks. Anyway, I made a lot of progress over the last 2 days. Am still cooking paranoid though.
  • Posted to my blog-shrine for Manannan about Terry Pratchett**, because I felt a nudge to do so. Said nudge also made it clear that Honoring the Dead posts are to be a regular thing.
  • My physio is going crappily¬†and my knee hurts all the time. Trying really hard to stick to my plan of doing it 2x a day but I am basically fighting with myself on this and I can be really stubborn.
  • Possibly 2 days of being Productive Adult is my limit before I crash and burn. Or, I just overdid it. Regardless, after the last 2 days of Adulting, I am dead tired today and unable to function beyond the basics.
  • I have started looking into the Otherfaith. Sage told me about it, so I joined the G+ hangout on Saturday and I liked what I heard. I don’t know if I’ll be joining the faith in full, but I’m going to continue to read about it and talk to people involved.
  • I started a new pagan tumblr account, mainly because you can’t change around which is main/secondary on one account and I didn’t want to delete the main blog on my other account this is getting complicated, anyway, I’m now themundanemystic there. Mostly reblogs; also updates from this blog and my other WordPress ones. I try to be diligent about tagging for gifs but I might forget, so if gifs are a danger to you you may not want to follow me. Just, in general, I’m pretty shitty about using tags on tumblr — trying to get better, but again, if tags are the main way you use to avoid crap, it will not always work with my blog. Use your best judgement and please take care of yourself.
  • Re: the Otherfaith interest. One thing I really love about the way they talk about the gods and the faith and such is that they use words from fandom — so instead of “UPG” or “doxa”, it’s headcanon. Instead of The Lore, it’s canon. Instead of “new myths written by modern followers,” it’s fanfic. I adore this and it solves a lot of my discomfort with the terms used broadly across pagandom. I will probably write more about the Otherfaith as I learn more about it but just really wanted to note that thing in particular.
  • I think I had more things to talk about, but my brain just fizzled out and I lost my ability to focus on this. So I’ll see you all at a later date.


**Ogre and my best friend are both very sad today, as Pterry was one of their favourite authors/heroes. Thus, I am sad too (moreso than I would be if Pterry didn’t mean so much to those I love).

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  1. I have been absolutely flattened by Terry Pratchett’s death today. So much of his writing on humanity and morality shaped me growing up. He was just an excellent example of a human being.

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