Ostara (2011)

So I’ve had a very…depressing month. Teachers at my school are on strike right now and it’s sort of drained all my energy and will to do anything. I haven’t posted blogs, I haven’t done homework, I haven’t written anything, and I sure as hell haven’t really been a Witch.

On the list of things to do for the Dedicant Path for ADF is to attend 8 festivals in the year, whether solo or private-group or public, and write about them. 4 of them (I think? Don’t have my notes handy) have to be ADF rituals. So I decided I was going to do Ostara as an ADF ritual — I was also going to attend the Pagan Fringe’s Ostara fest the other week.

I didn’t, and I haven’t done my own solo ritual either. I’ve been absolutely scattered. And I’m thinking I’m going to do an Ostara ritual, ADF style, this weekend, even though it’s long after the Equinox. I really don’t want to miss a ritual and have to do it next year; I’d like to get these done.

Anyway. I guess I’m sort of wondering if any of my readers think it’s absolutely too late to do a ritual or not? Ostara as a holiday doesn’t actually mean that much to me personally, so the whole “aligning with the energies of the day” doesn’t matter to me. What matters more is marking the general season, and I think in BC we’re definitely still in the Ostara-time and not the Beltaine-time.


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  1. Of course I don’t have the knowledge or background to give you an educated response. I draw from my soul when I say that you already know the answer. I am disturbed by rules binding us in our faiths. Your ritual should come from your intent, and it should be based in the truths you already hold inside. If it is too late, then so be it, and there is no judgment necessary. Move on and express your faith today in the way that is right for you!

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