Ritual prep

Best friend and I went and scouted out a place for me to do the ritual yesterday morning. She’ll be sitting in the car waiting for me to finish when I do the ritual tonight, with instructions to find me if I don’t come back within an hour and a half to two hours. The place we scouted can be seen from across the lake, around where the car will be, so she should be able to keep an eye on me regardless.

I’ll be doing the ritual after dark, closer to midnight than sunset (depending on how tired I am). For ritual bath I’m stripping down and jumping in the lake — I chose a site with a good ledge that lets down into the water — and then jumping out and putting on some form of clothing to do the actual ritual. There’s a park bench, so that will be my altar.

Things I need to bring:

  • towels, to wipe myself off and to wipe the bench of any snow or wetness.
  • black ritual dress
  • black clogs + wool socks
  • sweat pants + sweater/jacket for after
  • black bowl + glitter
  • silver ring
  • altar cloth
  • wand
  • yellow candle
  • drum
  • lantern for illumination
  • wand
  • Brighid kerchief/brat I made last Imbolc
  • divination tool — tarot most likely
  • camera to take picture of altar
  • incense
  • some form of snack to help me ground afterwards (carrot sticks?)

This list is really more for my benefit; I have the memory of a sieve. I won’t be going into detail of the actual ritual script — it’s not my intellectual property — but I will be posting my after-ritual experiences (edited, of course).

Now. I just need to find something suitable to carry all that stuff to the ritual spot so I won’t be totally exhausted so I can’t carry it all back. I am half-contemplating bringing my phone and keeping it off or on silent and outside circle so I can text my best friend when I’m done and she can come help me with the stuff.

Something to ponder at least.

See y’all tomorrow.

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    1. It went very well, actually, despite me changing places at the last minute, not dressing appropriately for the cold, and having the cops stop by. I have a full write-up on it that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet, so thanks for the nudge! I’ll see if I can get that done this weekend. 🙂

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