Sunset from the ferry and a crescent moon

On my trip up to my mother’s home I took some pictures on the ferry. I was going to post them here on Monday but I forgot; here they are, a few days late. (It’s been completely gray and cloudy since these pictures were taken, so this also serves as a bit of a pick-me-up as well.)

All pictures copyright Morag Spinner.




This picture is my favourite.
This picture is my favourite.

The moon was also out so I tried to get some shots of it. Unfortunately my camera is not good enough for the pictures to be that great.



Though I despise the company that runs them, I view travelling by ferry as something sort of…hmm. “Devotional” isn’t the right word, but it’s the only one I can think of that’s close enough to what I mean.

Ferries are deeply connected both to Manannan and Hermes in my brain, so whenever I’m on them I try and remind myself of the gods’ presence — not the overpriced food or the way BC Ferries is destroying peoples’ lives. …or perhaps I’m meant to be looking into activism against BC Ferries’ horrible policies as a form of honouring the gods. This is something that has just now occurred to me.

I need to think more about that, definitely.

Today is Wednesday, so I’m hoping to get a ritual/something done sometime after my doctor’s appointment, which is in a little bit. Hopefully be blogging again tonight; if that fails, tomorrow morning.


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