Weekly Ritual, January 15th, 2014

Avalokiteśvara, Chenrayzee or Chenrezig statue...
Chenrezig statue (Photo credit: Wonderlane)

Today was time for my weekly ritual. I sat down in front of my portable altar, plugged in the lights, and lit the two candles. I lit some sage and waved the smoke around me, before beginning to meditate. I did two rounds of the Chenrezig meditation this time, and I’ve decided to start doing just that — two rounds around the mala — every day.

After, I did my prayers with my prayer beads. Instead of doing each prayer three times, I did it four times. It seemed to fit better with the length of time it took me to go around the prayer beads.

And that was it. Very quick, very simple. I’d like to try something different next week but I’m not sure what. I’ll need to put some thought into it over the next few days. Perhaps start reading those two books I’m supposed to be reading and get some ideas there.

I did have some troubles getting the sage to stop burning, and ended up having to cut off the burning bits and rewrapping the bundle. Probably time to do that, anyway. It was vaguely amusing, though. I think if I were an observing party I would have laughed heartily at my struggles with the sage bundle, shouting at it to “stop burning, dammit!”

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