30 Days of Paganism: 3. Beliefs — Deities

In the faith I’m building there are three main deities — I call Them the Sacred Triad. Instead of dualism, I base my faith on the number three. Sky, land, sea. Birth, life, death. Heavens, Earth, Underworld. Fire, blood, water.

Brighid is the sky, the bright flame, inspiration and the beginning of all things. She is the creative force that drives us; She is birth, the beginning. She is the bit of the Smith that broke off and came to inhabit Ireland. She is primal fire. The sparkling blaze of the stars in the sky. The warmth of the hearth. The fire in your head, urging you to do the Work.

Morrigan is the land, the blood that pumps through our veins, the sovereignty of the earth, our bodies, our souls. She is every moment between the spark of life, of creation (Brighid) and the moment our time on this earth ends. Zie* takes life, because the land — because She — demands sacrifice. Zie is the joy of the hunt and the battle; She is the warrior’s exultation; Zie exists in margins, in the middle grounds, in the wilds.

Manannan is the sea. He is the rain and the mist and the loving, warm embrace of death. He is the one who carries you to the afterlife after your bodily time is over. He is infinite love, for He is our end. He is God the Father. He watches over us in our lifetimes as He makes sure we complete the final journey. The deep dark ocean; the underworld; the frozen blackness of space. The wind in our sails, the waves beneath our ships, the love that makes us whole.

Together the Sacred Triad form the basis of my practice and worship. There are also specific gender-related things to do with Them but I’ll go into that on Day 9.

*I’m using both pronouns for tM these days because I’m still trying to figure out the proper ones for Her/Zir.

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