Of course because He is beloved to me; of course that. Of course because I am one of His worshippers. Probably I need no other reason.


But there are other reasons. Always other reasons; not that I should have to explain myself why I wish to align myself with women who rip men to small bits of gobby flesh. But people ask. But there are reasons.

In a world where nothing dies, nothing lives. In a world where there is no ripping of the flesh there is no fertilizing of the fields. You rip the god to pieces and He becomes the land that sustains you. You press Him beneath your feet and He becomes the wine that leads you to His embrace.

That divinity, that chaos, it appears in everything. In everyone. Godself within.

Sacrificed to feed the starving land.

Rip away the outside that hurts those I love. Poison seeps away, into the earth; she can take it. Leave the Godself below.

Enlightenment through madness.

Healing through bloody sacrifice.

Revolution through the hunt, through forests, over hills, bloodsoaked bare feet pounding grass and mud.

Justice served from the wild.

That’s why.