I do have some secular pastimes that have, over time, acquired religious significance.


For the longest time it was just a way for me to carry on family traditions, and I loved doing it. At some point I got the lightbulb that it was Brighidine work, and it turned out I’m not the only Brighid follower who feels this way. After realizing this I joined a group that knits things for the homeless in the Downtown East Side, which is also Brighidine work (and Manannan’s). I unfortunately haven’t been able to make it to the group knits as much as I’d like, but hopefully that will change at some point. (Or maybe I’ll start my own group, closer to where I live.)


laptop + notebook

It’s always been my calling, but it didn’t become my religious calling as well until the gods showed up. Both Brighid and the Morrigan want me to write, and there are connections to other gods as well. My writing isn’t always a religious pastime, but often is.

Listening to music/singing along

I have always soundtracked my life, finding deep meaning in different songs, finding catharsis in singing along to them. As my religious life has progressed, I have created different playlists for the gods, found different playlists for them, and discovered music that has religious meaning for me as well as just being amazing.

I’ve also found myself raising energy and sending it while singing along to music. It’s a sort of impromptu magic I don’t often realize I’m doing until a ways into the song.

Lighting candles

I’ve been obsessed with candles and fire since I was a kid. I used to use candles as my main form of illumination in my bedroom, years and years ago. Now, I get to use them religiously. It’s nice.

Domestic activities

Cooking, cleaning, laundry…I work actively to make these things religious. They need to be done and making them religious means I will do them and I will get some religious time in my busy life.

There are probably other things, but this is all I can think of at the moment.