Evolutionary Witchcraft, Chapter 1: initial reactions

Cover of "Evolutionary Witchcraft"
Cover of Evolutionary Witchcraft

I’ve been trying to work on the reading project I mentioned a few months ago, wherein I’d read a chapter of The Spiral Dance and Evolutionary Witchcraft and post about it here. It was my hope that by making this a project for the blog I’d a) actually finish those books and b) maybe actually work through them.

I’m having difficulty. While reading chapter 1 of Evolutionary Witchcraft I’ve felt…not a crisis of faith, for it has nothing to do with my belief in the gods, but a lack of resonance. The book used to resonate with me when I read it and now it doesn’t.

I’ve spent 2 hours trying to write a post on why it no longer resonates with me, but I can’t pinpoint what my point is. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. I’m having a serious case of Written Output Weakness (a manifestation of auditory processing deficit). I just know that something about the statement that running Feri energy will change my life I’m having…a lot of trouble with, when I didn’t before.

Perhaps it was because when I first read this book, I wanted my life to change, and now I don’t.

I don’t know, but. I am having an emotional reaction to this book, and to the fact that I’ve spent 2 hours trying to write this post and have only managed to churn out 1700 words of indecipherable garbage wherein I contradict myself a million times before deleting it in a fit of rage.

So I suppose this is part of the reading project, too. Talking about why it’s troubling me, even if I can’t figure out what I mean.

I’m not sure if I’ll post again on Chapter 1. I haven’t finished it yet, so there may be another post. Or this may be it.

*flaps hands in frustration*