Kore: Accepting the Past, Preparing for the Future

This is an article I wrote for Immanence Magazine earlier this year, though I don’t know if it made it in or if the magazine even came out in the past few months. I’ve decided to use it as my Kore post for the Pagan Blog Project. It’s written for a non-pagan, lay-audience, as an attempt to help people use Kore’s lessons in their own lives.

pbp1Kore, later known in Her myth cycle as Persephone, is not only the goddess of Spring but also the goddess of Transformation. In Kore’s myth cycle She has little control over what happens to Her: kidnapped, taken away from Her home, and forced to live in the Underworld. A place anathema to the Goddess of Spring and new life.

Within this paradox, however, is serendipity. Kore brings new life to the Underworld. She brings the power of transformation to the lonely dead, and in doing so, changes Herself into Persephone.

She accepts Her past and changes Herself and Her outlook in preparation for the future.

Kore’s lessons are ones we would do well to heed in the present day. We live in an ever-changing world. Preparing for the future — accepting the power of transformation into our lives — will help us thrive.

To further connect with the Kore’s mysteries, expand your comfort zone. Push your own boundaries; find out where and what your limits are. Discover what your Underworld is and learn its secrets. Once you’ve completed your Descent, you can begin to change — yourself and the place you find yourself in.

Euthydikos Kore
Euthydikos Kore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can do this with visualization. Our personal Underworlds are usually abstract concepts — for a long time mine was depression. Create a picture in your head of your Underworld — what does it look like? What are the smells in that place? What do you hear? Is it silent? Use all your senses to create a more concrete version of your underworld — create a room that represents this place you have Descended to, this place that is anathema to you, as the Underworld was anathema to Kore. Once you have a clear picture in your head, start to change it to make it more you. Think of it as interior decorating for your soul.

Clean the place up a bit — visualize yourself sweeping out the cobwebs, opening the windows, letting in some light. Paint the walls your favourite color. Hang up some art. Burn your favourite incense. Add some throw pillows.

Take your time. You don’t need to do this in one sitting. Give yourself a few weeks to change your personal underworld into a place that welcomes it — bring the pure power of transformation into yourself and breathe new life into the dead lands. You can invoke Kore’s power and bring it to your own life.

When you have changed the underworld, you will have changed yourself. With Kore’s power of transformation, you can accomplish anything. 

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