Messages from the Muses

I mentioned yesterday that I had a tarot reading on Saturday night. I went into the first half of the reading in that post, and what it told me; as that post was 1000 words already I decided to talk about the second half of the reading in a separate post.

Also, this has an M title, so it counts for Pagan Blog Project. (I’m so sneaky.)

As you know, I’ve recently started to worship the Hellenic gods alongside my already primarily-Celtic-based practice. I am planning on doing this within a loosely ADF structure, though after I finish the Dedicant’s Path how closely I adhere to ADF ritual structure remains to be seen.

One set of deities I hadn’t thought too carefully about was the Mousai, or Muses.

Seems rather ridiculous, as I’m a writer, but I’d always envisioned my Muse as slightly more personal, mayhap a spirit guide — I didn’t think any of the Mousai would have any real interest in me.

Apparently I was wrong!

During the tarot reading it was revealed that there are three Muses interested in me, to the point of apparently sort of…fighting over me? At which point I confessed I did a little bit of a Jack Harkness bit: “Ladies…there’s enough of Morag to go around. *wink*”

I have no idea which Muses, but I’ll probably find out at some point. I can be patient; I’m not new to working with gods, after all.

At any rate, They told me that I need to keep writing, to “keep those skilled hands working” and “that fascinating brain” active. It was very clear that I’m on the right path with regards to writing as a career choice, and that whatever inspiration hits me in the coming months I need to take and fucking sprint with.

Which I wholeheartedly plan on doing.

I also plan on giving Them offerings, which I’ll be researching at some point soon. I read a hymn to Them when I was working on my Skira ritual that I liked quite a bit, so I may use that. Not sure if the offerings are going to be daily, or weekly, or monthly, or just whenever inspiration hits (which may be appropriate); I’m still working on an offerings schedule in general.

I’m pretty happy I got confirmation that my writing career is the right one from the Goddesses of inspiration Themselves. That’s pretty cool.

Onwards. And possibly upwards, but more likely sideways.