The Severance

I winged the ritual.

It actually turned out better that way. I was in no state earlier today to write anything coherent or useful — I’d been up all night. I finally crashed at 5:30pm and woke up at midnight so I could do the ritual.

Two candles, one for Persephone and one for Morrigan. Two cups of tea as offering — pomegranate rooibos and yerba mate. Tools for severing connections. The spider-web is to hide the identity of the person in the photograph.

This ritual was to sever astral connections between me and my ex. I’ve had a really shitty month, healthwise, and I’m sure it’s related to my dogged avoidance of any sort of spiritual work. October is my favourite month, but it hasn’t been this year.

The cutting of astral cords was the lightbulb that got flung my way yesterday. In a thread on TC, SkySamuelle mentioned the Morrigan and cutting away lingering energetic cords. This was sort of a duh moment for me — I’ve long known that one of Her mysteries is that of cutting away what doesn’t belong – the attitude of the knife. I just never put two and two together and realized that I’d need Her as well as Persephone for this ritual.

I brewed the tea and lit the candles, and tried to get the charcoal to light so I could burn some of Persephone’s incense. I couldn’t get the damn thing to work so eventually I just gave up and lit the incense itself on fire. I will tackle the Mystery of the Charcoal Brick at some point, I swear.

I asked for Persephone’s and Morrigan’s presence, help, and protection for the ritual and got into a still state of mind.

There were a few steps to the severance. First I took a black sharpie and blacked out my ex’s face on the photo, saying her full name and that I remove her presence from my mind’s eye. While I did this, I could feel Morrigan removing the cords that connected my ex to my third eye chakra.

Then I cut the picture up into little pieces, chanting that I cut any cords between us. I felt Morrigan remove the cords from both my heart and stomach chakras. After, I sat down and meditated a bit, searching for more lingering cords. There was astral gunk all over me, but especially over my throat chakra. With Morrigan’s assistance those cords got cut away, too.

I used duct tape to bind up all the small pieces of the photograph. I did this as a symbol of binding up all the energetic cords from my ex to me. I used extra tape like a magnet to suck away the remaining bits of astral gunk from our relationship, and added it to the bundle of tape. I wrapped it up with black electrical tape, saying that I bound away her poison.

Morrigan made one last sweep of my astral body and I fell back, lying down on the floor of my living room and feeling a little dizzy. I also felt cleaner than I have in months, and freer.

When I sat up again, I regarded the bundle of tape on the altar. It pulsed with poison. I asked Persephone if She would take it away, back into the earth, where it could be neutralized. She agreed. I thanked both Ladies for Their presence and help, and then I went to go shower.

The emotional pain is gone, and I imagine the poison in my skin is gone too. I no longer feel anything if I think of my ex.

I’m now ready for phase two of Samhain.

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