A pewter candle holder with a grapevine motif…which is sort of really *perfect* right now.

Wednesday evening I spent at my brother’s house, playing an amazing video game called Journey. The next day Mom and her friend Chris picked me up and I went to go meet Erinnightwalker (and her bf) for the first time in real life. She gave me awesome gifts, because she’s an awesome person (though this should be fairly obvious already). See pictures above and below.

Things Erin made! From back to front, left to right: a heart with spiderwebs, a black scrying dish, a teeny-tiny bowl, and a teeny-tiny pot. Oh, and the silk scarf upon which they rest. I’m not sure if she made that, though.

After a fairly creepy lunch (ordered yam tempura, got octopus tempura — broke off batter to see what it was and the tentacle moved like it was going to eat us) we trekked all the way out to Berkeley to see Lacis, the lace museum and store (where I bought rosewood knitting needles, because everyone needs that) and we were going to look at the botanica as well — I’ve never been to a Santeria store, because I live in Blandada Canada in an area that has none — but they were closed. So we ate ice cream and got on the BART back to ‘Frisco.

This is when we went to Fields Book Store. You remember a while ago I bought T. Thorn Coyle’s Devotional Dance DVD via mail order? It was from Fields. Fields is, as you may imagine, freaking awesome. Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling shelves full of books. I spent money, because it was like putting a kid me in a candy shop and saying “Go wild!”. Had I the actual money I could have quite frankly spent a few thousand dollars there. I did not, however, and I did not have the time. So I settled for two books and a new set of oracle cards.

Pretty and shiny!

Plants of the Gods is glossy with full-color photos of the various plants it talks about. This is very useful to me. It goes into the traditional uses of each plant, the rituals, etc, from the various cultures in which the plant was used spiritually. I’m excited to crack it open and continue my studies on the witchcraft path I’m on.

Kissing the Limitless is the book I’m going to read and work through after I finish working through Evolutionary Witchcraft. Or perhaps I will work through the two concurrently; I’m not sure. I also have to work through The Twelve Wild Swans still. Kissing the Limitless is T. Thorn Coyle, so it was pretty much an insta-buy for me.

My awesome new oracle deck.

For oracle cards, I got the Medicine Cards. This wasn’t an “oooh, shiny!” purchase; I’ve wanted these cards for years because they have always spoken to me. When I was a kid in Lifesong School we used them to help work through issues and get us closer to animals. Since then I’ve meant to pick up a copy of my own, but have never really had the opportunity. Travelling is a perfect excuse to buy things you’ve wanted for a while, and especially if you’re from Canada and you go to the States — where the books are cheaper. (The cards are 29.95 here and 35 in Canada, where I would have also had to pay a 14% tax.)

After was dinner time so we got food at the incredible Grubstake Diner on Polk St. So much food! I nearly burst.

While walking back to the bus stop we passed by Good Vibrations, and they were having their grand opening of their antique vibrator museum. So, you know, we had to go in.

Oh man. Did I say earlier that the bookstore was a candy store? If that’s the case, GV was a chocolate store filled with all my favourite kinds. So many things I wanted! I had to resist most of them, because I was running low on funds. However, I did buy this:

A whip with roses on it. Nice thuddy feeling.

I’m sure most of you can guess what that’s for, and why I’m talking about it on my spiritual blog. But for the sake of those of you who are just joining us, I’ll explain a bit.

I practice Sacred BDSM, and I’m a godslave to Morrigan. I haven’t posted much on this since the first time, though I’ve intended to. It’s a big, complex, fraught subject and I lack the words most days. Give it time, and I will deliver.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to start…doing more physical things within this relationship. Specifically self-flagellation. That practice requires a whip that’s long enough to reach your back over your shoulders and still give some good sensation.

So this whip is not a for fun whip (I have a crop for that). This is for sacred, religious practice, and it will be dedicated accordingly. I’m not sure if I’ll be dedicating it to the Morrigan specifically or just to sacred use in general; I’m leaning towards the second because I have a feeling I may want to use self-flagellation for more than just my relationship with Her.

Like I said. Complex.

But regardless, I now have a gorgeous whip so I can start this practice, which makes me very happy.

All in all it was a lovely day.

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    1. Thanks! I chose this one after testing it in the store – more thuddy than sting-y, which makes the actual self-flagellation less…nervous-making? WORDS.

      I don’t know, the idea of doing it to myself is scarier than having it done to me, because I have no experience or practice. So the chance of my doing it wrong and hurting myself is greater.

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