Poison in the Bones

Witches in Fiction 2013... to the BoneIt took me a year, but I finally followed through on scrubbing the poison from my bones.

It happened at Greaters, which I can’t tell you the details of, but I can tell you my experience.

I sobbed in the arms of a god who was Two, and I was scrubbed clean; allowed to let all the anguish from the past year pour out onto His chest; and He told me I was beautiful, and full of light, and love, and that I was strong enough to walk the long, hard road ahead of me.

I have healing to do now. I went to SMF with the intention of asking Hades to take my wedding ring from my relationship with my ex, the one who betrayed me last year. After Greaters, I no longer needed to ask Him. They had taken the pain from within me, and the wedding ring is now empty; it holds no more significance for me beyond being pretty and silver.

I am now ready to walk forward on the path towards continual happiness. I have instructions from Him. I know what I need to do.

My bones will be strong, they will be healthy, because now they are un-poisoned; now I am able to walk the road to recovery.

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  1. Super happy for you; can’t wait to see where the path takes you.

    I’m assuming the weekend went alright re: anxiety and sales? I do hope it did, whether or not it’s relevant now what with this powerful renewal.

    1. It did! I was very pleased with how sales went, and it made me feel more heartened about future events. (Also, at closing circle, the Archpriestess of the Canadian branch of the church telling everyone assembled that they should read my book was really awesome.)

      I had some high anxiety still on Thursday after arriving, but it quickly faded, and soon I just got into enjoying the weekend. On Sunday I was a bit frazzled while packing up, but not anxious.

      So the weekend was…quite fantabulous for my state of mind. I feel like a completely new person.

  2. I am SO happy for you, Morag! Congratulations. And big {{{hugs}}}!

    PS. If you want to download any thoughts, etc, let me know. I’d be happy to be an ear for you.

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